Placeholders in ServiceJourney are a way to add dynamic content and personalize your automated emails. An email that refers to the customer by name updates them about a status change and adds details about a ticket is an excellent way to retain the conversation's context.

For example, you can have a status update email sent automatically by ServiceJourney when the customer's case is closed. But instead of just a generic message, you can create a personalized message such as "Dear @CUSTOMER_NAME@, your Case @CASE_ID@ was resolved successfully". The Placeholders get contextual content.

There are 2 concepts:

  • Placeholders: temporary text inside of an email subject or body that will be replaced with dynamic content right before it's sent.
  • Bookmarks: instructions on how each placeholder gets converted to real values.

The following are out-of-the-box bookmarks that can be used:

System fields

Name of your organization as is set in

 → Company Setup

Eccentex Corp

Server Base URL.

Value from ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AppBaseExternalUrl"])
@SYSTEM_DATE@String with current System Date11/17/22
@SYSTEM_DATE_TIME@String with current System DateTime11/17/22 10:11:12 AM
@SYSTEM_YEAR@String with current System Year2022
@TOKEN_ACCESSSUBJECTS@Current Users Accesssubjectcode


Note:This Bookmark can be used only in Quotes

@TOKEN_ALLACCESSSUBJECTS@@TOKEN_ACCESSSUBJECTS@ + User Access Subject on user + access subjects of groups. Comma-separated.LTR_ExtJs5_Prod.088_root_LTR_Root,3C21DCD09C014323AB7E3BCC5ABB1830,441A9181-A915-4C39-B2E3-59A25C8789DB,
@TOKEN_DOMAIN@Token domainLTR_ExtJs5_Dev.123
@TOKEN_GROUPACCESSSUBJECTS@Replaces the tag with all the groups the current user is part of, comma-separated. access subjects3C21DCD09C014323AB7E3BCC5ABB1830,441A9181-A915-4C39-B2E3-59A25C8789DB,7FAC3B24-0DE5-472D-969C-36668753D833
@TOKEN_LOCALECODE@Current Locale Codeen-us
@TOKEN_LOGIN@The current user's Loginjsmith@myemail.sol
@TOKEN_NAME@The current user's NameJohn Smith
@TOKEN_SYSTEMDOMAIN@The system domainconfig.123
@TOKEN_SYSTEMDOMAINUSER@Name of the schema tenantappbase_tenant_99
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@USRS_CONTACT_NAME@Current or parameterized user title + full name + position + email + phone + faxMr. John Smith, Developer, jsmith@myemail.sol, +1 555 666 7777, +1 555 666 8888
@USRS_EMAIL@Current or parameterized user emailjsmith@myemail.sol
@USRS_FAX@Current or parameterized user FAX number+1 555 666 7777
@USRS_FIRSTNAME@Current or parameterized user first nameJohn
@USRS_FULLNAME@Current or parameterized user full nameJohn Smith
@USRS_LASTNAME@Current or parameterized user last nameSmith
@USRS_PHONE@Current or parameterized user phone  number+1 555 666 8888
@USRS_POSITION@Current or parameterized user positionDeveloper

Current or parameterized user title

@CASE_CREATEDBY@String with the Access Subject Name of the user who created the CaseJohn Smtih
@CASE_TYPE @Case type nameEMAIL
@CASE_SUMMARY@Case summarySJ-123-999 Any Request
@CASE_STATE @Case state nameIn Process
@CASE_RESOLUTION@Case resolution nameSuccessful Resolution
@CASE_PRIORITY @Case priority nameNormal
@CASE_OWNER @Case owner namePeter Parker
@CASE_ID@Case numberCASE-2017-9327
@CASE_DESCRIPTION@Case descriptionSJ-123-999 Any Request
@CASE_CREATEDDATE_SD@Case created date short format07/14/2017
@CASE_CREATEDDATE_LD@Case created date long formatJuly 14, 2017
Customer Service specific
@Requester@Full name of the 'Requester' Case PartyJohn Smtih
@Requester_Primary_Phone@Primary phone number of the 'Requester' Case Party+1 555 666 7777
@Requester_Phone@Phone number of the 'Requester' Case Party+1 555 666 7777
@Requester_Email@Emai address of the 'Requester' Case Partyjsmith@myemail.sol
@Enhanced_Requester@The Requester full Name if it is in the CRM and the string "Customer" if it only contains the email address.Customer