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Working with email templates

Email templates enable administrators to create reusable content for the subject line, message body and attachments of email notifications.

Templates deliver consistent information on specific system activities and improve the efficiency of creating multiple email notifications for similar actions. If necessary, you can make minor changes on the fly to an email that uses a template by overriding the subject line and message body content in the notification form. A common practice is to define the message body in a template and create new subject lines for different types of recipients. There is no limit to the number of templates that you can create.

Types of email templates

Email templates are created in rich HTML format. This format provides several advantages, including:

  • Raw HTML content is converted into a WYSIWYG format.
  • The content can be edited in a feature-rich HTML editor.
  • Mail scripts are condensed into a single, easy-to-read line that can be reused in multiple email notifications.
  • To prevent broken links, images linked using URLs relative to a particular instance are converted to absolute links.

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