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Export/Import Translations

If you need to add many key translations, using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to manage the translation equivalents could be better than the web UI. For instance, once the keys have been created, they can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet. An administrator/translator then applies the translations into the spreadsheet and imports them back into the solution.

Follow the next step to download the translation file using the Export operation.


  1. To export to MS Excel all the keys for later translation work, go to Localization → Translations
  2. Select the Language you need to work on. If the compilation is pending, wait until it is completed before exporting.

  3. Select Export translations to Excel from the Operations button.
  4. When finished, it will save a compressed zip file named in your selected download folder. This zip file contains one Excel per language. For example, en.xlsx, ru.xlsx, and zh.xlsx.
  5. Unzip the file and select the language file you want to edit in MS Excel
  6. Select the JS tab and scroll down to find the text key or use Ctrl-F to search for it. In our example, the key is "My Dasboards".
  7. Then add the translation in the column VALUE.
  8. When done, save the file in the same format.
  9. Re-build the zip file for uploading. You don't need to use the same name for the zip file but keep the MS Excel file names.

Importing Dictionary

  1. To import the zip with all the key translations, navigate to Setup → Localization → Translations.
  2. From the Operations button, select Import translations from Excel option.
  3. Click on the "Drop files to attach, or browse", Select the language MS Excel file you want to import. In our example, zh.xlsx.

  4. Click on the Import button to start the import process.

  5. Click on the Publish button to compile the translations added. Wait for the Published status.

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