Steps to configure

  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → ServiceJourney
  2. On the left, navigate to
     → Letter Generation → Bookmarks
  3. Click the + Add button
  4. In the Create new Bookmark tab select Function Type for the new bookmark
  6. Fill in the fields, as shown below.

    General Settings

    Name: Name of the Bookmark. Example: REQUESTER_CRMID.

    Specific DB: Set the target DB from what bookmark will be created. By default is Oracle.

    Root Object Type: Main Business object of the Bookmark. Example: Case.

    Is HTML: Set if the bookmark will include HTML tags.

    Template List: Show a list of the Templates where this bookmark is used. It is empty until the bookmark is added to a template.

    Value: Value of the Bookmark. It must be a valid SQL query for the current databases (Oracle/MS) which must return a single value. Validate that the name of the table and columns correspond to the MDM model. Parameters must contain only alphanumeric and underscores. Parameters must be wrapped using @@

    Example SQL Query:

    SELECT cdmp.col_firstname FirstName
      FROM tbl_caseparty  cp
           LEFT JOIN tbl_dict_participantunittype pt
               ON pt.col_id = cp.col_casepartydict_unittype
           LEFT JOIN tbl_cdm_party cdmp
               ON cdmp.col_partyparty = cp.col_casepartyexternalparty
     WHERE pt.col_code = 'EXTERNAL_PARTY' 
     AND cp.col_casepartycase = @ObjectId@
     AND cp.col_id = @CasePartyId@

    NOTE: The SQL query should not contain reserved words as parameter names. Oracle Reserved Words

  7. Optional

    Show on UI Settings

    Show on UI: Show bookmark in Send Email

    Control Display Rule: Using for a custom bookmark list in Send Email

    Value Field Alias: This value will be substituted instead of the bookmark. (Use only with Control Display Rule).

    Display Field Alias: This value shows what the bookmark will look like. (Use only with Control Display Rule)

  8. Save your configuration.