The standard case data model has many out-of-the-box fields and sub-objects that help track and resolve customer issues. You can extend the case data model for every type of case.

Case milestones

A milestone (sometimes called a status), represents the major step in the resolution of a Case. Every Case Type can have it's own set of milestones, although they are often similiar to other Case Types.

A default installation of ServiceJourney has the same set of milestones for Requests, Enquires and Complaints.

NewWhen a case requires any action from an agent, it is marked as New; which means every new case is marked New by default.
In ProcessCases that are currently being worked on are in this milestone
CC ResolutionCases that are being routed or worked on in the Contact Center are automatically placed in the CC Resolution milestone.
Back OfficeAgents move the case to the Back Office milestone when work needs to be completed by other departments in the organization.
ClosedOnce an agent has provided a solution and have answered all questions, that case is marked as Closed.

Case owner

Every case has an owner; a user or shared workbasket that is responsible for resolving the issue. Cases assigned to a user or a team they belong to appear in their Case Inbox page.


Every Case can have a Goal SLA and a Deadline SLA. These help agents prioritize work in inboxes.