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This section provides a view of the various monitoring options available on DCM.

System MonitorProvides a log of various events in the system and any additional information about that event.
Queue MonitorShows Business Rule events and their resulting outcome for further analysis.  It is also possible to reset a Rule event to re-run it.

Email Indexing Monitor

The Email Indexing Monitor provides a total view of all email items pending indexing, including their current owner, linked Case #, and phase. This screen also allows for the assignment of items to other users.
Case MonitorView a Case's current State and Owner and manually override these values if required.
Task MonitorView the current State and Owner of a Task, and manually override this position and/or ownership if required.

Work Baskets Monitor

The Work Baskets Monitor enables you to run a report that shows the following statistics on each user:
Cache MonitorAbility to manage and view different types of cache: local, DCM client/server, AppBase
Integrity MonitorShow the results of the integrity check for each DCM object.

Document Content

Show the documents marked for deletion and content of rejected emails during one day


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